*merry christmas

*to u


today is Xmas

well~i only have a wish

just my grandma's healthy will be better

i've gone to my grandma's hospital yesterday

when i come in to her room

she has a smile in her face

i cried ! i can't stop it

because that feel no one knows it

my xmas wish is " she will be better"

i want she can ride her moto to tajen

take me back home

it can true? i dunno

grandma !! u r in my family

we need u !

plz come back !!

and keep ur smile

we really need u

send to god


by alan
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  • t6133
  • i really sure u love ur grandma.And i wish ur grandma <br />
    healthy forever,too.And merry christmas to you.<br />
    Because today is a happy christmas day,快樂點,好ㄇ?
  • aa020
  • yeah~thx<br />
    and thx ur wish ^^<br />
    but~excuse me~ who r u ?<br />